CMER’s services generally include Research & Investigation, Policy Planning & Strategy and Coordination & Networking.

Our consultancy services can be divided into three broad but overlapping categories (below). It is noteworthy that despite this nominal division, selected members of our “research”, “policy & strategy” and “coordination” teams often join hands in accordance with the specific requirements of the project in question and form “custom task forces” that are particularly suited for and capable of carrying out the respective tasks and fulfilling the needs and expectations of our clients.
We believe such a flexible approach to project management and implementation can deliver a high degree of efficiency, accuracy and efficacy.

Research & Investigation

Drawing on the diverse expertise of our research team, which consists of established academics, veteran journalists and issue specialists, we are able to provide our clients with custom research, working papers, in-depth reports and executive briefs in such areas as security and terrorism, foreign policy, energy markets, political economy, development, education, religious conflict and community relations in the wider Middle East.

Policy Planning & Strategy

Made up of policy professionals, strategists, military specialists, former politicians, civil servants and government officials, CMER’s policy & strategy team has been tailored to meet the growing need of governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as public and private enterprises for coherent and effective planning in a highly uncertain and rapidly changing environment. Its tailor-made services include risk analysis, threat assessment, intelligence analysis, and policy briefs on issue-areas of interest to our clients in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Coordination & Networking

Given our close and convenient access to government agencies, business communities, and media organizations in the Middle Eastern countries, CMER’s coordination team is well positioned to facilitate communication but also build connections between our clients from around the world and the local bodies and people.