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CMER particularly engages with issues pertaining to security, foreign policy, energy, environment, development, and education.

Focusing on a wide range of categories and issues such as security, foreign policy, energy, environment, development, and education, CMER seeks to advance dialogue and cooperation in the Middle East through constructive and context-aware engagement with its various stakeholders including political elites and decision makers, policy professionals, business associations, academic institutions, civil society, media, grassroots organizations and local communities.


Underdevelopment is one of the most formidable challenges of the Middle East today. Various communities across the region suffer in one way or another from a variety of development-related issues such as rampant poverty, inadequate access to health services, and lack of appropriate education. CMER is interested in exploring in depth and understanding many such challenges facing the social and economic development of the regional communities.


Security in the Middle East is a pivotal dimension of CMER’s work. The rise of the jihadist terrorist groups has had serious ramifications for the stability of many countries in the region as well as other parts of the world. CMER believes that in order to investigate jihadi terrorism a multi-dimensional approach needs to be adopted, one that considers socio-political and economic dynamics, but equally understands the historical as well as the religious angles of this phenomenon.


Today, almost all Middle East nations are grappling with pressing environmental exigencies among other challenges. Developments such as long-standing conflicts, prolonged periods of drought, growing number of dust storms, rapid and even haphazard urbanization, massive population displacement, and increasing fossil fuel production and consumption have been taking their toll on the regional environment and ecosystem. CMER actively engages in and stimulates debate on salient environmental issues and projects in the Middle East, which are deemed crucial for the development of the entire region and the security and prosperity of its inhabitants.

Foreign Policy

Foreign policy analysis is one of CMER’s areas of strength, where the focus is placed on the international relations of the Middle East in general and foreign as well as security policy practices of the individual Middle Eastern nations in particular. Given the significance of geopolitical rivalries, convergences and divergences among the region’s miscellaneous state actors and their use of proxies to further extraterritorial interests, understanding the foreign policy process of each state on its own right as well as in relation to that of other states is key to any type of effective engagement in the Middle East. Having exclusive access to and working closely with a vast array of key governmental and non-governmental organizations in the region, CMER can provide our clients with the necessary assistance in this respect.


Middle East is a beating heart of the energy market in the world. Despite the expansion of non-traditional sources of fossil fuel in other parts of the world, the Middle East is going to be the dominant force in the market for the foreseeable future. CMER’s interests in the Middle East energy markets expands from macro issues such as the future of OPEC to small scale, yet equally important, ones such as the way small service oil companies work within traditional communities.


Throughout history Middle Eastern nations contributed immensely to the creation of knowledge and science. In the modern world however this role has greatly diminished.
The modern educational systems are a necessary part of creating a prosperous and peaceful region; therefore CMER is committed to working with relevant stakeholders to help develop such systems through innovation and research.

Given the extraordinary complexity of circumstances in the region, we believe only a multifaceted approach to research and interaction can lead to nuanced and realistic understanding of the cultural, social, political realities on the ground.

CMER aspires to enable the stakeholders to tackle the formidable challenges faced by the region today more effectively and help foster sustainable peace and prosperity in the Middle East.

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