Vission & Mission

Founded by an international group of academic researchers and policy professionals, Center for Middle East Research (CMER) is an independent and nonpartisan organization devoted to promoting understanding, dialogue and cooperation among local, regional and international actors in the Middle East, with the ultimate purpose of fostering peace and prosperity in the region.

Aims & Objectives

The pivotal aims of CMER are threefold:


Promotion of nuanced and deep understanding of the Middle East, its realities and peoples through rigorous and contextual research.


Facilitation of meaningful dialogue and mutually beneficial interaction among various stakeholders in the Middle East through building local, regional and international networks and connections.


Enhancement of cooperation between local, regional and international actors through formal and informal mechanisms and with the aim of aiding sustainable development in the region


Ghalib al-Abadi

Ghalib is an Iraqi political activist, who has been closely engaged in policy work and research on state building in Iraq and the Middle East more broadly. He has also been working for over a decade with a variety of Iraqi political groups to devise strategic plans for rebuilding and developing Iraq into a peaceful and prosperous nation. Ghalib’s writings have appeared in a number of media outlets in Iraq.

Maysam Behravesh

Maysam is a political analyst at Tehran Bureau (The Guardian) and the Editorial Assistant of the academic journal Cooperation and Conflict (Sage). With a Master’s in international relations from the University of Tehran, Iran, he has worked as a Senior Editor for Media Reviews at the peer- reviewed quarterly Asian Politics & Policy (Wiley-Blackwell), a news editor at the Iranian media network Press TV (PTV), and Iran Editor at the academic platform E-International Relations (E-IR). Maysam is completing a PhD in political science at Lund University, Sweden, with a special focus on nuclear politics and security in the Middle East and South Asia.

Ibrahim Malazada

Ibrahim is a lecturer in sociology at Koya University in Iraqi Kurdistan. In addition to his academic career, Ibrahim has over two decades of experience in various policy and media sectors, where he has worked with a variety of Kurdish newspapers and TV channels in Iraq and Europe. Ibrahim has also collaborated extensively with humanitarian organizations in the Middle East and Europe as an advisor on social integration and intercultural relations. His research interests include political Islam, nation building, and peace operations.

Hamdi Malik

Hamdi is an internationally syndicated analyst with over a decade of experience in journalism, business and entrepreneurship. Fully proficient in Arabic, Persian, and English, he has featured frequently on a number of renowned news channels such as BBC, Deutsche Welle, TRT World, and Al Sharqiya TV, analyzing political and economic developments in Iraq and the wider region. Hamdi’s writings have appeared in a variety of international media outlets including The Guardian, Al-Monitor, and BBC. With his research interests revolving around socio-political and economic development in the Middle East, Hamdi is pursuing a PhD in social policy and administration at Keele University, UK.

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